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Nautical Athletic Sports Club of Souda(Chania Crete Island Greece).

Nautical Athletic Sports Club of Souda :: Rowing in Souda 2011

Welcome to our Web Site. Rowing is a sport that has its roots in the depths of antiquity, combining spectacle with undiminished competition. The games are a natural setting as a canal or a lake a sheltered natural bay as the bay of Souda, which makes it unique compared to other sports.

It is eenough to watch once from near or even on TV rowing, to become a permanent fan of the sport.

A small video presentation (at the left menu) will give you a slight idea about the gulf of Souda and the Rowing activities/training that is taking place in the Nautical Athletic Sports Club of Souda (Chania Crete Island Greece).


In rowing there are two types of boats. (skiff) in which the rowers keep two oars and boats that rowers hold one oar (right or left). In the category of skiff we have events of a single, dual and Quad Sculls, with a crew consisting of one, two and four athletes respectively.

In the second category of events are dual Sculls, or Quad Sculls and
8-oared. The8-oared is perhaps the most impressive sport of paddling. The distance of the race is 2000 meters in the weight of the athletes there and light category are up to 70 Kg’s for males and 57 kg's for women.

Nautical Athletic Sports Club of Souda :: From Latest Olympic Games The champions - Tsiavou and Giatzitzidou

Rowing is an Olympic sport, with historic tradition in our country. The first club was created in Greece, is the group Ereton (1885).

Now there are over 40 clubs across the country to grow the sport. Aimed at boys and girls who like sports, family environment, teamwork, cooperation, success!

The Greek Rowing boasts its successes. Olympians, world champions in men and women-young-teen, champions, gold medals at the Mediterranean, is the harvest of last year.

Whatever category you belong come and meet us and try the sport you never know!!

... To 13 years Beginners

14 to 16 Children -Young ladies

17 to 18 Teens - Young Women

Until 23 years old - Young men , young women

23 and over Men - Women


Come and live a unique experience at the place where nature meets sport. Away from the arena of the hard competition. Keep away from substances that make you weak. Come join in the large family of champions! In the sport of high performance and great emotions!


Nautical Athletic Sports Club center of Souda(Chania Crete) - Rowing

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Because !!!!!!!............ sometimes it's nice to .....paddle !!!!!!!!!

Thank you for your visit. We will be very pleased to visit us in reall.



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