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78th Pan-Hellenic Rowing Championship

 78th Panhellenic Races July 2012  :: The N.A.C.S. Team

With significant successes and many experiences returned the rowing crews of Nautical Athletic Club of Souda from the Second Phase of the 78th Pan-Hellenic Rowing  Championship for Children which took place on Saturday 21 and Sunday, July 22 in  Pamvotis lake of Ioannina.

The crews of the NAO Souda boats made every effort  despite the inconvenience of 24-hour journey from Souda to Ioannina and unfavourable to the draw they broke into the small final race of the skiff and  at the double Junior Sculls.
Specifically, the crew of the double Junior Sculls George Saridakis and Fotis Vlachodimos they qualified for the semifinal with a time of 7.20.44 (the fourth best nationwide ) but the unfortunate draw brought them to compete in the small final where they finished in first place (7th Panhellenic)

In skief Theodore Haritakis qualified from the semi-final qualifying race and was able to compete in the small final where he finished in first place with a time of 08.09.07. (7th Pan-Hellenic sixth position and time)

The Four sculls skiff with crew the promising beginners Ouroutzoglou Michael, Basil Cottas, Michael Xepapadakis and George Kouskoumvekakis realized considerable experience from their participation in these national championship after the qualifying race finished in fifth position and repeat the 8th occupying the sixth general position in their class.

Even  the novice Scull Nikolidakis Dimitris he has obtained considerable experience having first participated in a national championship finishing in 6th position of his race.
The Athletes of the Group in this difficult and remote mission was accompanied by their coach Mr. Daniel Chomatas and the General Secretary Mrs. Pepi Kelaidi.

The N.A.O. Soudas wants to express his thanks to Crete Shipping Company (Anek Lines) for the support to the Group and the intercity bus Chania Rethymnon, who provided discounted tickets for the move from Souda to Ioannina.

It is also worth noting that the travel and accommodation of the athletes in the National Championships, which the Club is taking part are made with the club’s   meagre revenue, and is trying not to financially burden the families of athletes.

Finally please note  that the draw of deferred gifts of lottery will be held Friday, August 17 at 21:00. Before the draw will take place a small thanksgiving ceremony for athletes, gymnasts and parents of the rowing section at the Group's offices at the Municipal Nautathletic  Rowing centre of Souda.



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